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Saint Nectarios Monthly Newsletter - November 2020

627 West Bonneville St, Pasco WA 99301
Facebook: 'Saint Nectarios - Pasco' Group,
Phone: 509 547-3968
A Special Saint Nectarios Feastday Service will be held on Sunday, November 8 starting at 7:00 pm.  A schedule of Saint Nectarios activities is listed at the end of this Newsletter.  
Listen to Divine Liturgy and Vespers Services Audio:  Links to YouTube videos with the audio for recent Services are posted to the Facebook Group “Saint Nectarios – Pasco"  
The Links for Online Meetings
*** Monthly Activity - Online and At-home
Akathist to St. Nectarios Service
Next Service is on November 6  starting at 6:00pm.  Akathist to St. Nectarios, Wonderworker of Aegina and Pentapolis. (Held on the first Friday of each Month). 
Online: The on-line services can be joined using the above Zoom software link. 
At Home:  For those who cannot (or do not want to) use online access, you are invited to join the prayers by holding the Akathist Service in your home starting at 6:00 pm.
Please call/contact the church if you would like an Akathist to St. Nectarios service text either emailed or mailed to you.  The service text is also available on the St Nectarios - Pasco website.)
*** Weekly Saturday Online Activities 
     Saturday 4:00 pm: Weekly Orthodox Study Group - All are welcome in join in a discussion of Orthodoxy
     Saturday 5:00 pm: Saturday Vespers Service - Interactive Service with Father John. 
 *** Weekly - Sunday Online Activities
     Sunday 10:00 am: Divine Liturgy.  Father John has invited us to join him in his home to help him celebrate the Divine Liturgy Service (Zoom meeting).  Please join us and give us feedback. 
     Sunday 1:00 pm: Fellowship Time – Every Sunday, a time to share.   Just talk, no agenda other than Christian Fellowship!  In several recent fellowship times there even has been singing by a few of the participants.
     This Week -  Sunday 7:00 pm:  Saint Nectarios Feastday Service
Most people connect to a meeting from a computer or cell phone by clicking on the provided  link.  If asked, install Zoom on your device. Once it is installed, just close Zoom (you do not need to, or want to, login).  Then go back to and click on the link provided for the meeting again.  The host for the St Nectarios Zoom meetings is normally Jim Droppo (Cell Number: 5O9 366 8745).  Meetings start about 15 minutes early to provide a time to welcome new participants and answer any questions.
Please plan to listen to, or participate in some, or all, of the above activities. The format is quite informal - typical of a small congregation.  A list of activities for November is given at the bottom of this Newsletter.
Donate to St Nectarios Online – A donation link is available on the St. Nectarios Website. 

Saint Nectarios Monthly Activity Calendar
Friday, November 6, 6:00 pm Akathist to St. Nectarios Service
Saturday, November 7, 4:00 pm Orthodox Discussion Group
Saturday, November 7, 5:00 pm Saturday Vespers
Sunday, November 8, 10:00 am, Divine Liturgy
Sunday, November 8, 1:00 pm, Sunday Fellowship Time
Sunday, November 8, 7:00 pm, St. Nectarios Feastday Service
Saturday, November 14, 4:00 pm Orthodox Discussion Group
Saturday, November 14, 5:00 pm Saturday Vespers
Sunday, November 15, 10:00 am, Divine Liturgy
Sunday, November 15, 1:00 pm, Sunday Fellowship Time
Saturday, November 21, 4:00 pm Orthodox Discussion Group
Saturday, November 21, 5:00 pm Saturday Vespers
Sunday, November 22, 10:00 am, Divine Liturgy
Sunday, November 22, 1:00 pm, Sunday Fellowship Time
Saturday, November 28, 4:00 pm Orthodox Discussion Group
Saturday, November 28, 5:00 pm Saturday Vespers
Sunday, November 29, 10:00 am, Divine Liturgy
Sunday, November 29, 1:00 pm, Sunday Fellowship Time
Friday, December 4, 6:00 pm Akathist to St. Nectarios Service
Saturday, December 5, 4:00 pm Orthodox Discussion Group
Saturday, December 5, 5:00 pm Saturday Vespers
Sunday, December 6, 10:00 am, Divine Liturgy
Sunday, December 6, 1:00 pm, Sunday Fellowship Time
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Please see 'Announcements' (under the 'About Us' Tab) for additional information about St. Nectarios activities.

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