Monthly Message

August 2019

Invoking God’s Help and Assistance

     When man wishes to truly know himself and asks God to help him, he then  discovers all his weaknesses and shortcomings. He discovers the lurking passions that  have caused in him his inordinate desires. Like poisonous snakes, the unruly passions wait for the opportunity to bite him.  When he thinks that he is in control of them, then they truly bite and break his skin. He will be shaking by the chastisement of his conscience and the resulting inner guilt.  Oh, how unhappy he will then be!

     If he will not cry and call upon God, he will not be heard and be seen.  But if he will call and cry unto God in repentance, our Heavenly Father will hear and accept his sincere repentance, forgive him and clean and bandage his wounds.

     We express our physical, mental and spiritual pain in the Service of Paraclesis to the Theotokos, during the first 15 days of August.  With sincere self-awareness and contrition we confess our sins and weaknesses to God which we caused with our own inordinate desires and sinful passions.  “Our soul and our body are sick from our many passions..” we chant in the Paraclesis. 

     Only with our sincere repentance and confession to God we will attract God’s Mercy and forgiveness.  For this reason we pray to the Theotokos and all the Saints, who have pleased God with their saintly life, to intercede for us to our merciful God to grant us sincere repentance, forgiveness of our sins and His Grace to enable us to daily do His Holy Will.

     The Icon of God, called Iveron, which came to St. Demetrios Church from Hawaii, during the special intercessory prayer was producing drops of perfumed Myrrh.  The Priests anointed the people with this Myrrh at the end of the service. All of us felt the peace of God in our heart and spirit, knowing that the Mother of God was interceding for our forgiveness and salvation.  

     May we all experience this peace as we remember and honor the Mother of God, the Theotokos, on her translation to heaven, near her Divine Son.  Happy Nameday to all who celebrate their Nameday on August 15.

With love, Fr. John P. Angelis





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