Monthly Message from Father John

Saturday of the Souls Memorial Day


Every Saturday is a Memorial Day for the Souls. Our Church remembers and commemorates all the “fallen asleep in the Lord.” We pray for all our beloved who have died and await the General resurrection at the 2nd Glorious Coming of our Lord.

All the departed would be resurrected and would receive their reward for their benevolent deeds on earth.

Since the final Judgment has not yet taken place, our beloved receive much consolation from our prayers, as a vision of a monk tells us. He was wondering how our prayers can benefit them. Then, in a vision from God, He received the answer. The dead can no longer pray for themselves. But the prayers of the living and their love for them greatly benefits and consoles them. Their bodies are dead, but not their souls. Our love which is eternal reaches and comforts them.

We remember our beloved parents and other relatives. With the kolyva, the special boiled and sweetened wheat, which symbolizes resurrection, we join our prayers for them and we proclaim our Faith in the Resurrection of all. We proclaim our Faith in our Risen Lord Jesus Christ Who rose from the dead. He came to defeat our archenemies, sin and death, and grant us the certain hope of our own resurrection when we depart from this ephemeral life.

With the Memorial of the Saturdays of the Souls, our Church provides us with the opportunity to remember our beloved ones and express our gratitude to them for their love for us. With our prayers, we send to them a spiritual message that we love them and we pray for their eternal salvation.

Come and pray with us on Memorial Saturdays.

May their memory be eternal!

With love, Fr. John P. Angelis


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