Message from Father John

Mother’s Love for Us

   If there is anything in the world that comes close to the unconditional love of God for man, it is mother’s unselfish Love for her children.  St. Paul painted a beautiful  Picture of Christ’s Love for us in the 13th chapter of his 1st Letter to the Corinthians.  “Love believes, hopes, is patient. Love never ends.”  Mother’s Love for her children never stops, never ends.  From our birth until her last breath mother never stops loving us.  She continues praying for us.  If she has gone  to eternal life, she prays for us to live our present life in a Godly manner to find eternal salvation.

   As we honor our mothers, let us remember their loving commitment to us throughout our life.  The prayers, the flowers, the candies, the gifts we will offer to our mother need to express our gratitude to her for her unselfish, unconditional love for us.

    Let our Life be Godlike for her to see that all her labors to create a Christian character in us bore much fruit in the Lord.  If she is still living, she will rejoice in her heart.  If she has passed on to eternal life, she would receive her reward from our Lord.  If we have fallen short of her expectation of us, it is never too late to make a U turn in our direction, and through repentance return to God and follow His Way.  Both our guardian Angel and our mother will rejoice with us. 

 Happy Mother’s Day!

  With love, Fr. John P. Angelis



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