Monthly Message from Father John

June 2019


Reaching For the Highest

      We see in the news many people trying to climb the highest peak of the tallest mountain on earth and many of them lose their life, for lack of oxygen.

Some of their friends say that they reached their goal and fulfillment in life.

Is our life earthbound or heaven bound?  Our Lord Jesus Christ, who assumed our human nature to save us from sin, death and the demonic influence, told us that we are not born to remain on earth, but we were reborn, in our baptism and Chrismation, to reach heaven.  Jesus’ ascension to heaven opened the way for our ascension to heaven.

      Jesus, as a God-Man,  both divine and human, kept and did the will of his father on earth and completed his mission on the day of ascension.  Jesus returned to his father from whom he had come to us. But with his ascension to heaven, he brought up with him his deified human nature, which he had shared with us on earth.  St. Peter says in his Epistle that we are “partakers of the divine nature of God” in grace.  So what Jesus is naturally with his father and the holy spirit, we are invited to become in grace ourselves.

      Jesus knew that we cannot become godlike by ourselves; that is why he told his disciples that he will not abandon them and leave them as orphans. He will send to them from the father the holy spirit. The spirit will refresh their memory to recall what he said and did in their presence. He will enable them to go to all the nations to bring to them his good news of salvation and teach them the Will of God which will enable them to be saved from sin, death and demonic influence.

      We all received God‘s saving grace in our baptism and Chrismation. We continue nourishing ourselves with the grace of God, which we receive in the other holy sacraments of the church, especially in the holy Eucharist.

      Our goal in life is not to reach the peaks of the highest mountains, but to reach heaven, to become Godlike in grace, by living and practicing the Commandments of God.  Our goal is to achieve what St. Paul said, “I no longer live myself; Christ lives in me.“ We are inspired by the Holy Spirit, the grace of God, and our destination is heaven, eternal life with our Triune God, father, son and holy spirit. Amen.


Christ is Risen!  

With love, Fr. John


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